Anderson Elected Fellow of the American Bar Foundation
Posted on: July 2018

Alan Anderson has been elected a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation. The Fellows is a global honorary society of attorneys, judges, law faculty, and legal scholars whose public and private careers have demonstrated outstanding dedication to the highest principles of the legal profession and to the welfare of their communities. Membership in the Fellows is limited to one percent of lawyers licensed to practice in each jurisdiction.

Anderson at 35th Session of UNCITRAL Working Group III
Posted on: May 2018

Alan Anderson represented the Forum for International Conciliation and Arbitration (FICA) at the 35th Session of UNCITRAL's Working Group III, held in New York City in late April 2018. The UNCITRAL Commission has mandated Working Group III to consider possible reforms of the Investor-State Dispute Settlement system. Anderson's Report on the 35th Session is available here.

Anderson at 34th Session of UNCITRAL Working Group III
Posted on: Jan 2018

Alan Anderson represented the Forum for International Conciliation and Arbitration (FICA) at the 34th Session of UNCITRAL's Working Group III in Vienna, Austria from November 27-December 1, 2017. Working Group III has been tasked by the UNCITRAL Commission with debating possible reforms to the internationally-critical Investor-State Dispute Settlement system. This system resolves, usually through arbitration, disputes between foreign direct investors and host nations, typically pursuant to a Bilateral Investment Treaty or International Investment Agreement. Anderson's Report on the 34th Session is available here.

Anderson Elected to College Board of Trustees
Posted on: Feb 2017

Alan Anderson has been elected to the Board of Trustees of his undergraduate alma mater, Coe College, which is located in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Anderson at the United Nations
Posted on: Feb, 2017

Alan Anderson again represented the Forum for International Conciliation and Arbitration (FICA) at the New York session of Working Group II of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). Anderson spoke several times to the assembled delegates from various States and NGOs from around the world regarding various provisions proposed for the draft instrument being negotiated to provide for the trans-national enforcement of international mediated settlement agreements.

Anderson Publishes Article on Damages in International Arbitration
Posted on: Jan, 2017

Alan Anderson published an article he co-authored on damages in international arbitration. Entitled, “Don't Delay! Addressing Damages Early in International Arbitration,” the article was published in Transnational Dispute Management, vol. 14, no. 1 (January 2017).

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Anderson Spearheads Preparation of Position Paper for Upcoming UNCITRAL Session
Posted on: Dec, 2016

Following the September 2016 session of Working Group II in Vienna, Anderson and another FICA representative spearheaded the drafting and negotiation of a position paper entitled, “Observations on Aspects of the Proposed Instrument for the Enforcement of International Commercial Settlement Agreements Resulting from Conciliation.” The paper presents the views of Observer Groups at the UNCITRAL Working Group II sessions on several critical outstanding issues under discussion by the Member States. In drafting the document, Anderson worked with representatives of other Observer Groups as well as delegates from a number of Member States.

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Settlement of Trademark Infringement Action
Posted on: Nov, 2016

Alan Anderson law firm represented a client in the publishing industry in a trademark infringement action commenced against a large competitor. After commencement of the action, the defendant eventually agreed to no longer use the mark in issue and to change its allegedly infringing mark in a manner to avoid any issue of infringement.

Florence Appointed Vice President of Advocacy
Posted on: Nov, 2016

Reagan Florence has been appointed the Vice President of Advocacy for the US National Committee for United Nations Women (USNC), Utah Chapter. The USNC is an independent non-profit, organization that supports UN Women programs. These programs promote social, political, and economic equality for women and girls spanning 100 countries around the globe. As the Vice President of Advocacy, Reagan oversees advocacy projects in Utah, with education, service, and training events to promote ideas and laws that would create gender equality and protect women from violence at home and abroad.

Florence Admitted as a ‘Member’ of the Chartered Institute
Posted on: Nov, 2016

L. Reagan Florence has been admitted as a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the “gold standard” for international dispute resolution specialists. She joins an elite group of professionals. Membership in the Chartered Institute “provides a world-class qualification demonstrating excellence in ADR.” Her admission as a Member makes Alan Anderson Law Firm virtually unique among firms specializing in international arbitration in Minnesota, joining Alan Anderson who was admitted as Fellow of the Chartered Institute in 2011.

Anderson Attends UNCITRAL Working Group II Session in Vienna
Posted on: Dec, 2016

Alan Anderson attended the UNCITRAL Working Group II Session in Vienna as one of the representatives of the Forum for International Conciliation and Arbitration, which is based in England. Since February 2015, Working Group II has been drafting and negotiating a proposed instrument for the international enforcement of mediated settlement agreement in commercial disputes. The proposed instrument is intended to do for international mediation what the 1958 New York Convention on enforcement of international arbitral awards has done for international arbitration.

Anderson Speaks at Annual Expert Witness Institute Conference in London
Posted on: Sep, 2016

Speaking at the annual Expert Witness Institute at a historic venue used as the meeting place for the House of Commons during the Second World War after the Houses of Parliament were bombed, Anderson spoke on the need to utilize damages experts early in any dispute, both to ensure the viability of proceeding with the claim as well as to better and more accurately quantify the nature and amount of damages in issue. The presentation was well-received and obtained the highest ranking of all presenters from attendees.

Anderson Attends LCIA Users’ Conference in England
Posted on: Sep, 2016

Anderson attended the semi-annual London Court of International Arbitration Users’ Conference held at historic Tylney Hall, near Basingstoke, England. Attendance is limited to members of the London Court of International Arbitration and was by invitation. Attendees spent several days discussing cutting-edge issues in international arbitration.

Anderson Receives PhD
Posted on: Sep, 2016

Alan Anderson has received his PhD in War Studies from King’s College London. Anderson’s thesis is entitled, “The Laws of War and Naval Strategy in Great Britain and the United States: 1899-1909.” While researching and writing his PhD thesis, the US Naval History and Heritage Command awarded him its prestigious Rear Admiral John D. Hayes Pre-doctoral Fellowship in Naval History.

Anderson Presents at International Arbitration Symposium
Posted on: Jun, 2016

Alan Anderson has participated in a panel discussion on damages at a symposium on international arbitration held in Salzburg, Austria. Organized by the Center for International Legal Studies, the symposium attracted attendees from around the world. Anderson spoke at the symposium on early understanding and evaluation of international arbitration cases through early damages analysis.

Successful Settlement Achieved for Canadian Client
Posted on: May, 2016

Anderson Law Firm has helped achieve a successful settlement on behalf of a Canadian client in a patent infringement action against a major multi-national defendant. The action was commenced in late 2015, and the firm filed a preliminary injunction motion against the accused infringer. In response, the defendant agreed to remove the accused infringing product from the market. After a court-sponsored settlement conference, the defendant agreed to permanently remove its infringing product from the market in all jurisdictions in which the plaintiff had patent protection and paid a sum of money to the firm’s client.

Anderson Presents Paper in New Zealand
Posted on: Apr, 2016

Alan Anderson attended an international conference entitled, “War, Peace and International Order? The Legacies of the Hague Conferences of 1899 and 1907”, held at the University of Auckland in Auckland, New Zealand. At the conference, he presented a paper entitled, “Jacky Fisher and the 1899 Hague Conference: A New Interpretation.” His paper subsequently was accepted for publication in the peer-reviewed New Zealand Journal of Research on Europe.

Anderson at the Vis Moot Competition in Vienna
Posted on: Mar, 2016

Alan Anderson has again participated as an arbitrator judging the Willem C. Vis International Arbitration Moot Competition in Vienna, Austria. The largest moot court competition for laws schools in the world, the event attracted over 300 law schools. Anderson has been invited to be an arbitrator/judge for the competition for more than 15 years.

Anderson at the United Nations
Posted on: Feb, 2016

Alan Anderson represented the Forum for International Conciliation and Arbitration (FICA) at the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Working Group II session in New York City. FICA is an official observer and participant for all Working Groups of UNCITRAL. Working Group II is debating and negotiating a proposed international instrument for the enforcement of international mediated settlement agreements.

Successful Settlement Reached in Patent Infringement Action
Posted on: Jan, 2016

Mere weeks before trial was scheduled to start, Anderson Law Firm has helped achieve a successful settlement in a hard-fought patent infringement action for a US-based corporate client who was the plaintiff patent holder. Following favorable court rulings on claim construction and the grant of summary judgment dismissing the defendant’s invalidity defenses, the defendant agreed to (1) pay a significant sum of money to the firm’s client; (2) the entry of a consent judgment of infringement and validity; and (3) entry of an injunction enjoining the defendant from making, using or selling the infringing product for the remaining term of the patent in suit in the US and Canada.