Appellate Advocacy:
Sometimes, the desired result or an unfair or improper outcome is not obtained at the trial court level. On those occasions, an appeal may be necessary. Often, it is useful to have a “fresh set of eyes” review and handle an appeal. Successful appellate advocacy requires the ability to look critically at proceedings in a lower court to determine which issues may be suitable for presentation to an appellate court with the highest likelihood of success. It also requires the ability to communicate, in writing and at oral argument, why the lower court got it right – or wrong. With more than 30 years of experience, Alan Anderson Law Firm possesses these skills as a result of extensive appellate experience. Firm attorneys are admitted to, and have briefed and argued appeals in, the United States Courts of Appeal for the Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Tenth, and Federal Circuits, as well as Minnesota appellate courts. Alan Anderson has written and assisted with successful petitions for, and oppositions to, writs of certiorari to the Supreme Court of the United States.
Complex Commercial Litigation:
The firm practices in all areas of complex commercial litigation, including breach of contract disputes, claims of fraud and misrepresentation, unfair competition, enforcement or defense of covenants not to compete, franchise issues, breaches under the Uniform Commercial Code, theft of trade secrets, corporate disputes, and other business-related claims. Alan Anderson has tried commercial litigation matters to verdict before juries in state and federal courts literally from coast-to-coast; from Los Angeles to New York City. The firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants, and clients have ranged from Fortune 50 corporations to small businesses to individuals. The firm’s clients are not just Minnesota-based, but come from around the United States and the world. In addition to traditional litigation, the firm handles domestic arbitration matters, whether under the auspices of the American Arbitration Association, another organization, or ad hoc proceedings.
International Disputes:
As the global economy has expanded, so have the instances in which domestic or international corporations – or their subsidiaries – find themselves in litigation in US courts. On many occasions, special consideration must be given to litigation on behalf of, or against, international entities. The firm has handled cases involving companies from around the world, including businesses based in Australia, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, and Switzerland. Whether it’s defending and helping explain the vagaries of US litigation to a foreign company, or asserting claims against a foreign corporation, the firm has the skills and experience to help achieve a favorable outcome.
International Arbitration:
Business is global. Unfortunately, so are disputes. As businesses do more and more business internationally, the need for expertise and experience in international arbitration increases. The firm is uniquely positioned in the area of international arbitration, whether as counsel to a party or as an appointed arbitrator. Alan Anderson is one of the few lawyers in Minnesota with international arbitration experience and who as achieved the designation of “Fellow” with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the “gold standard” in the international arbitration community. Reagan Florence adds her expertise as a full “Member” of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. The firm has handled cases for US and foreign companies before the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, the London Court of International Arbitration, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, and the American Arbitration Association. International arbitration involves rules and procedures quite different from traditional litigation or domestic arbitration. The firm is familiar with the rules and procedures of all major international arbitration institutions. Moreover, the firm can assist with the drafting and negotiation of international arbitration clauses, which are essential for any company conducting international business today.
Intellectual Property Litigation:
The firm, and Alan Anderson in particular, are nationally recognized in the area of intellectual property litigation. Patent infringement litigation is the firm’s strength, with substantial trial and appellate experience across numerous diverse technologies, including medical devices (surgically implantable, disposable, and diagnostic), shape memory alloys, software, electronics and electrical systems, chemical de-icing compositions, agricultural equipment, automotive repair equipment, snowmobile equipment, commercial refrigeration systems, remote sensing equipment, and electrical connectors. The firm has obtained verdicts and settlements in the tens of millions to more than $100 million. On the defense side, the firm has helped clients avoid millions of dollars in claimed damages. The firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants, and clients range from major international corporations to small businesses. In addition to patent infringement litigation, intellectual property litigation includes copyright and trademark infringement, trade dress infringement, various forms of unfair competition, and theft of trade secrets. The firm has handled cases nationwide in each of these areas and has obtained favorable outcomes for its clients. Whether stopping a competitor from unlawful acts or defending against a claim of theft of trade secrets, the firm brings to bear its extensive experience and expertise on behalf of its clients.
Non-Litigation Matters:
Although primarily a disputes resolution firm, Alan Anderson Law Firm also assists clients in a few selected non-litigation areas. These include drafting and negotiation of agreements or documents relating to intellectual property matters, such as license agreements, technology transfer agreements, non-disclosure agreements, assignment agreements, or the preparation and review of agreements involving arbitration clauses. The firm will assist a company or start-up entity to strategize on patenting and protecting its ideas and intellectual property. In select situations, the firm will help organize, incorporate, or maintain small businesses. Finally, the firm also prepares and maintains trademark registrations world-wide for clients on a very cost-effective basis.